You want to settle down with Akothee?

Madam Boss Akothee who is a musician and a successful business woman. Akothee who is known to be a no-nonsense woman and one who enjoys her life luxuriously.

She took to set a standard of what a man should match to have her. Madam Boss revealed she spends more 500k to manage her luxurious house. So, any man who wants Akothee must match that. Also, madam Boss clarified that she can’t be side chick [ mpango wa kando]. She added that 500k is only the management of the palatial houses, they haven’t talked about holidays, school fees, salon or other stuffs.

Without no doubt Akothee is living a life of her dreams. So, ensure that your pockets are heavy before approaching her . “AKOTHEE THE GOAT OF AFRICA,”

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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