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Woman Gives Birth To 4 Children With Her Brother

The story of a woman who sired four children with her biological brother emerged online a while ago. The lady revealed that her parents died when she was a toddler and relatives took over the role of taking care of her and the siblings. Some of her siblings were adopted to unknown families and she grew up without knowing them.

Life was hard as she was growing up. She never went to school because the relative she was living with could not afford school fees. When she was of age to fend for herself, she went to the city to look for any job she could get and she got somewhere to work as a house help.

After some time she met a young man who she fell in love with. They moved in together almost immediately after starting their relationship and their love led them to having four children together. They then decided to introduce each other to their families. When they went to the woman’s family, one of the relatives recognized both of them and told them that they were siblings.

People mocked them and told them their act of incest made them sire abnormal children. Not knowing what to do, the man  left and never came back to his family. The woman was left alone to cater for the four kids without a job. After Afrimax English aired their story people were touched by the humble environment they were living in and contributed enough money to buy them a house and basic needs.

They kept thanking God and those who donated as they celebrated in their new home because their lives changed in a blink of an eye. They lady’s story is a lesson to young people in love that they should know each others’ family roots before engaging in intimate acts.

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