Willy Paul’s beef with Bahati escalates

The beef between the two artists just escalated this is after willy referred to Bahati as a cat. He said,” wewe nip aka na ako kasauti kako.’Willy called Bahati a cat because of Bahati voice and he even further and imitated on how Bahati sings.

 This was on Erics show Flash. He said Bahati is a thief because he steals his songs. Bahati didn’t out to respond to Willi’s critic’s by responding “Eric leo umeamua kuleta my number one fan.” He was referring to Willy Paul as his number one fan.

Eric the host the show also added that Bahati is hated by most people, more than Willy Paul.

This is after Bahati actions that has spiked a lot of critics from online users. Recently Bahati applied make up and dressed liked a woman. Action that has made him receive a lot of critics from social media.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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