Why you should Reject BBI.

More than the required number of county assembly approvals have been achieved by the proponents of the BBI ‘constitutional coup’ – but does this reflect the people’s will or was it just a natural corollary to the reward power strategy used by the proponents?

President Uhuru and Raila Odinga are already planning grassroots campaigns in every region, there are reports of a new strategy where political kingpins of those regions would be weaponized against the oppositional hurdles.

Thomas Sowell once described politics as the art of making your selfish desires seem like the national interest, there is no befitting definition of Kenya’s political elite as this one. In Kenya it is a legalized extortion racket by the ‘chosen’ few that is rebranded every time the people get the slightest clue of this deception.

So many intellects and ordinary Kenyans are opposed to the proposed constitutional reforms because of its quarterbacks and its vague details.

A president so out of touch with the harsh economic realities of his subjects and a power hungry individual who has been the epitome of losing and privilege, are treating Kenya as their own playground.

BBI’s promise to ‘unite’ Kenyans baffles me every time. The reference point for this is the Post-Election Violence, which honestly, was a scuffle created by the same political elite and was between few tribes, the rest of the 40+ ethnic groups in this country were peacefully co-existing.

In short the whole ‘unity’ rhetoric is an extension of the handshake initiative between the Uhuru and Raila dynasties.

The BBI for example proposes a consociationalism model which means that political power and positions are shared among communities in the place of centripetalism; which is the exact opposite of the first. Consociationalism is a model for extremely divided and vulnerable nations and not for a country like Kenya. It can be very uncertain and even more polarizing.

Yes, Ethnicity plays an impertinent role in the socio-economic and political landscape of this nation, but it is not among the immediate disasters waiting in line to destroy this country for good. Addressing the ethnic divisions is important but not as important as addressing the economic disaster in this country. When a government fails to protect the economy, it is on the road to Damascus.

Uhuru Kenyatta is hiding behind the BBI to evade questions of his failed economic legacy and the dozens of scandals his government was responsible for. It is a classic diversion tactic which has always worked for him.

Why spend billions of taxpayers’ hard earned cash on reforming a constitution that wasn’t fully implemented and replace it with one that promises more burden for them? Why create more legislative posts when the current ones are more than enough and are not serving the interests of those who voted for them?

The BBI and its proposal to amend the constitution is a threat to our democracy. It is not logical and Kenyans should reject it. No constitutional reform would drive out corruption overnight, resuscitate the economy and the same people who divided them cannot unite them. We should try to look beyond the fake writings because the devil is in the details.

By Faysal Hussein

Nairobi-based journalist and writer covering domestic and regional politics, players and policies. Focusing on the bigger picture in a modern contemporary world.

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