Why Nelson Havi Charges Ksh2 Million in Legal Fees 

In an interview seen by the city lawyer revealed that he charges at least Ksh2 million in legal fees. 

He argued that a lawyer of his standing should not charge anything below that amount, adding that it costs an arm and a leg to train a lawyer. 

As a testament, he pointed to the voluminous file cabinet hugging the wall of the office, and which serves as a trophy cabinet, as it’s full of judgments, rulings and cases he has won. 

He explained that despite the high fees they often charge, lawyers also have to do pro bono cases because they have a duty to the society. 

He tells young lawyers that every successful lawyer has at least 40% free cases and in some instances, he only tells clients to pay court filing charges. 

“If I charge you anything less than Ksh2 million, consider it a discount,” he quipped. 

He can be spotted immaculately dressed and known to indulge in the luxurious side of life. His red or blue ties have earned him a few swipes from his peers.

With an office that can be easily confused as a modern museum for former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Havi’s law sanctuary is dotted with classic relics, notable among them a retro wired phone with a rotary dial, the Statue of Liberty and a war trumpet from the 1800s. 

The popular law series, Suits, is a testament of how much personal image and branding can go a long way into improving people’s perception of you. 

Away from the city, Havi has built himself a magnificent two-storey mansion in Likuyani Constituency, Kakamega County. 

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