Vaginal fistula.

What is vaginal fistula?

A vaginal fistula is an unusual opening that connects to your vagina to another organ. For example, a vaginal fistula can link your vagina to your; 

Bladder(vesicovaginal fistula).

Ureter, the tubes that carry your urine from your kidneys to your bladder (ureterovaginal fistula).

Urethra, the tube that carries your urine down from your bladder and outside your body (urethrovaginal fistula).

Large intestine or colon(Colo vaginal fistula).

Small intestine(enterovaginal fistula).


A vaginal fistula doesn’t usually hurt but it can cause some problems that need medical care. If you have vesicovaginal fistula( opening between your vagina and bladder) urine will constantly leak from your vagina. This can make your vagina unable to control your urination(incontinent).

Also your genital area may get infected or sore .

Pain during intercourse.


1. Childbirth.

2. Holding your urine for too long.

3. Unhealthy sexual behavior.

4. Infections.

Vaginal fistula diagnosis.

Your doctor will do a pelvic exam and ask about your medical history to see if you have any risk factors for fistula, like recent surgery, infection or pelvic radiation.

Other tests include;

1. Dye test.

Your doctor will fill your bladder with a dye solution. They will ask you to cough or bear down. If you have vaginal fistula your dye will leak into your vagina.

2. Cystocopy.

Your doctor uses a thing device called cytoscope to look inside you vagina.

3. CT scan.

It uses x rays to create images in your body .

4. Magnetic resonance Imaging(MRI).

It lets your doctor see the structures in your vagina and damaged tissues.


Some fistulas may heal on their own. If it is a small bladder fistula your doctor might want to try putting a small tube called catheter into your bladder to drain urine and give the fistula time to heal itself.

They might also use a special glue or plug made of natural proteins to seal or fill the fistula.

They may also give antibiotics to treat and infection caused by fistula.

Vaginal fistula complications.

Vaginal fistulas can be upsetting and embarrassing when they leak and cause bad smells.

But they can also cause complications like;

1. Vaginal or UTIs that keep coming back.

2.  Hygiene problems.

3. Stool or gas leaks through the vagina.

4. Irritated skin around your vagina or anus.

5. Fistulas that keep coming back.

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