Uhuru may Betray Raila, John Mbadi.

ODM Chairman and MP Suba South MP John Mbadi who is a close ally of Raila Odinga has acknowledge the fact that the President Uhuru Kenyatta can betray Raila despite the famous Handshake.

John Mbadi said the politics of betray in Kenya is not a new thing. He rubbished the claims that ODM members had gone into panic mode after news of possible betray by Uhuru emerged.

He added that Raila had established a strong support base over these years and they had strategies in plan.

The news of possible betray by Uhuru came to light when Orengo a close ally of Raila said that there was a cabal in the government trying to hijack the BBI and sabotage Raila presidential bid come 2022.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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