Uhuru Kenyatta a weak and Tribalistic President?

In an effort to address the unpopularity notion of the BBI that was apparently growing in his own backyard, President Uhuru once again shot himself in the leg and gave his critics a fresh angle to attack him from.

It has now become clear that Irungu Kang’ata’s letter to the president that was leaked had some truth in it and the only issue was about its leaking.

The president’s first blunder was speaking in his kikuyu language. Although there is nothing wrong with it, his advisors should have done better. The demand for the transcribed audio was high which paints a picture of how much Kenyans wanted to know what he talked about.

The president is a symbol of national unity and therefore should address Kenyans in the National language – Swahili that is understood by almost all. Especially when discussing the BBI which claims to unite all Kenyans.

A few weeks ago, the president has lashed at critics in the funeral of the late Mama Hannah Mudavadi saying that he was in charge of this government and in control. He then went ahead to backtrack by claiming that there was 2 billion shillings of taxpayers’ money that is stolen daily.

When the President talks like that, it makes the whole nation look like its run by cartels, which we cannot rule out as a possibility.

It is not the first time the President uttered such controversial statements that angered Kenyans, last year he was reported to have asked some of his cabinet members and advisors to explain ‘why Kenyans are broke.’

It is clear that the president is worried that his Jubilee party fellas and the rest of the political class would fail to honor his legacy by continuing to loot. But why on earth doesn’t he confront them and stop lamenting? Is he trying to shift blame for the corruption crisis that has gotten worse under his rule?

Remember when former Nairobi Governor; Mike Sonko pulled out the same cartel-card to try and shift blame for his horrendous handling of City affairs.

Whatever it is, he has failed to honor his campaign promise to fight corruption and impunity and should try harder to counter it before his term expires.

Faysal Hussein
Nairobi-based journalist and writer covering domestic and regional politics, players and policies. Focusing on the bigger picture in a modern contemporary world.

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