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Tuma kitu, comrades are suffering of hunger

While it can be seen as a Moi University affairs, students going for days without eating is an additional ‘course unit’ as some put it. This cut across most if not all universities.

Comrades are suffering.Weeks ago this assumed to be fun. Memes circulated on social media and we all laughed at them. It is however a wake up all to us to ‘listen’ to the cries embedded in memes. To think critically about media messages.

Moi university students blamed the hunger issue on insufficient funds from HELB. This they argue is not always enough and sometimes delays. 

For campus students coming from humble backgrounds, HELB will not only pay school fees, but also facilitate upkeep. Add this with the burden of adulting, a campus student is not ready to couple with this.

It is only from the intervention of some students that the wheels of social media turned around. Social media users started giving testimonies of how things are in the ground. From snippets of what was shared, it is clear that comrades are having a hard time surviving.

Comrades are struggling with studies, which can be hectic sometimes. This coupled with other campus related problems like relationships, drug and substance abuse, an average campus student is a tired and depressed person.

The hunger situation, which is now known to cut across most campuses, could be caused by the following factors. First, some parents give little or insufficient financial support to their children. This means you have to own survival skills. Managing the little money becomes your part time job.

Secondly, the high cost of living. For a campus to comfortably have three meals a day, one needs to be loaded. When you are staying out of school, it becomes even hectic.Thus, comrades turn to eating one meal a day, just to survive.

Last but not least, comrades have other demanding expenses. A journalist student for example, is supposed to shoot a documentary. He needs interview sources. He has to go and shoot on location. He cannot ary school equipment using a matatu (which is way cheaper than uber or bolt) for security purposes. If this is an individual project, the student will have to incur the travelling cost. If the situation is already bad, where is he going to get the money?

While this issue is being addressed, it is also important for relevant bodies to intervene and help these comrades on matters mental health. We cannot have graduates who fail because of hunger, something that can be prevented.As Khaligraph oce sang, tuma kitu to that comrade if you can. Save a soul.

By: Brian Khavalaji

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