Tuheshimu Mungu, Kamene Goro to Nicah the Queen.

Nicah the Queen has caused a spike on social with her video that went viral. The ex-wife of Dr. Ofweneke got netizens talking with her video where she was calling on netizens to come to church and after that she catwalks showing her blessed behind.

This didn’t go well with netizens who are Christians who called her out telling her to respect the house of the lord.

Kamene Goro was among the ones who raised their comments telling her to respect God and asking the essence of her catwalks in that dress that revealed her behind blessings.

She said that was wrong. However, Nicah to her defense said that she can praise God even when naked. Netizens didn’t agree with her saying that she was using her body to lure people to the church, especially men.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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