Trans Nzoia: Residents Shocked As Man Accused Of Stealing Livestock Eats Grass Like A Cow

Residents of Trans Nzoia county were on Wednesday treated to a little drama after a man accused of stealing cows started walking like a cow and eating grass along Kitale-Eldoret Highway.

Peter Wafula, a witness, told that the man was suspected to be a member of a criminal gang that has been stealing livestock and robbing shops in Trans Nzoia.

According to Wafula, the incident comes two weeks after a farmer in Shimo la Tewa area lost his bull to thieves who later slaughtered it in a nearby forest. He claimed that the farmer had promised to teach the thieves a lesson.

 “The farmer was so angry and he promised to teach the culprits a lifetime lesson. This could be one of the promised lessons” Wafula said.

Simon Maingi, another witness, claimed that at the time of the incident, the accused could not speak and their efforts to stop him from eating grass bore no fruits.

“We were shocked to see him walk like a cow and the worst thing is that he was eating grass. We tried talking to him but the man was unable to speak” Maingi said.

He said that the accused was heading towards the direction where the bull was allegedly slaughtered, a move he said connected him to the previous theft that the farmer suffered.

Maingi called on jobless youths in Trans Nzoia county to shun criminal acts and engage in legal businesses that can earn them their daily bread.

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