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Top Reliable Website Hosting Companies In Kenya 2023

Today, a website is nearly a prerequisite for every business in the world- from local startups to multinationals. Contrary to what many expect, websites will never become obsolete. New and revolutionary web technologies are emerging almost on a daily basis.

Here are reasons why every business requires a website.

  • Provide credibility: It makes people feel comfortable and gives a great first impression.
  • Creates brand awareness: It showcases your brand to prospective customers.
  • Improves digital marketing: It helps drive online/organic traffic.
  • Improve customer experience: During various phases of the customer journey, consumers may have questions and concerns. If your website is optimized for customer service and customer service inquiries get solved fast, it positively affects customer experience and therefore improves brand loyalty and trust which also motivates consumers to spread the word about your business online.
  • Updates and announcements: It’s easier to update your catalogue on your website instead of having to contact your customers to notify them of new updates.

Disclaimer: Kioo News does not endorse any web hosting company. This article is based on balancing the features against cost and reviews from an independent online survey.


Truehost Cloud offers relatively affordable domain registration and web hosting services. Notable features from Truehost include:

  • Free SSL
  • Multiple subdomains(unlimited)
  • Many Databases(unlimited)
  • Unlimited email accounts, among others.

Other features include unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited addon domains, and VPS hosting.


Chajio Cloud has different affordable packages suitable for small businesses and SMEs in Kenya. Notable features from their packages include:

  • Supports Node, React, Python and PHP
  • Unlimited addon domains, email accounts, and bandwidth
  • Softaculous scripts installer


BrayHost is amongst the most affordable and reliable web hosting companies in Kenya. The company is famous for providing free trial hosting for a period of one month as well as allowing clients to invest as low as KES 100 for a 15BG diskspace package. this potentially allows the starter clients to adjust their budgets in steps. You simple dont have to accumulate huge amount of money to start your webhosting.

BrayHost packages FREE features include:

  • Site Building Tools
  • SEO building tools
  • SSL certificate
  • M-pesa integration.


Sasahost Limited is a private ICT company that was incorporated in Kenya in 2009. They have extensive experience in the web hosting industry, offering secure and professional services both to direct customers and resellers. In addition to Web Hosting Services, they also offer Domain name services.

Its packages range from KES 3,250 – 11,000 per year.


WebHost Kenya is a web hosting company that offers web hosting, domain registration, website design, SSL certificates and website security. Its aim is to enable companies and individuals to have a secure and reliable online presence so that they can communicate to a global audience.

The packages range from KES 2415 – 6250 per year.


Hostara makes it easy for you to transfer your .KE domain to our platform at no additional cost. With our hassle-free transfer process, you can seamlessly move your domain to Hostraha and start managing your web presence with ease.

Probably the best in VPS hosting in Kenya.


Hostpinnacle is popular for providing free lifetime domain names. This simply means renewal subscriptions apply to web hosting only, excluding domain registration. With as low as KES 2,000(approximately $18), you can get a world-class hosting package at Hostpinnacle.

They offer free features such as unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited addon domains, and VPS hosting.

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