Three Children Burnt To Ashes In A House Fire

Three children, aged 4, 5 and 6 years perished on Tuesday night after a fire razed down their home in Turi Farm, Elburgon.

According to reports seen by, the children’s father George Omoso and their sole guardian had left the house to buy dinner when the fire broke out. 

The single father of three told Inooro FM that when he returned to the house, all he found was a heap of ash and burnt remains of what was once his home.

His three kids who were alone at the time are said to have perished in the fire.  The cause however, remains unknown. 

“Ni moto ilichoma nyumba, nilikuwa tao nikaskia kuna moto nikagika nilipata wamechomekea kwa chumba,” the father of three said. 

The father of one who works as a casual labourer said he has been living with the young family since 2018 after his wife up and left. 

Molo OCPD Mwenda Muthamia confirmed the incident, saying investigations to determine the cause of the fire have begun. 


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