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The reality of dating in campus.

No one really tells you what dating in campus would really be like. Relationships in campus can be classified as young and wild. If you have a poor sense of judgement finding the right guy/girl could be tough. Opening up to new people is hard because this is when you are trying to figure out who you are and what you want to be.

Here people are young adults over 18 and make their own decisions. Human beings are social; in the process of interaction you find someone who you are attracted to base on your own reasons then it extends to something more. Campus relationships are sometimes sweet and lovely. In the evening you see couples holding hands, having fun. But “vitu kwa ground ni different” Although it is very hard to figure out what is real and what is not. Not every person who shows interest in you wants to build a future with you. I don’t want to look like a feminist but most men in campus are just after sex. After they are done with you they leave like nothing ever happened. Before getting what they want they will be all loving and you might think you got your soulmate but you will come to regret. Girls are not exempted from such behaviors, some just want the “D” and they leave. 

Other couples in campus are also living together like married couples. You lie to your parents that you leave alone little do they know that you are a married man or woman in school. Hooking up is another common thing in campus, you just agree to have sex and that’s it no strings attached. Sex has been prioritized in today’s society by the youths. Almost everyone is having sex before marriage.

A quick advice to the freshmen joining campus nobody should lie to you that you will get into a relationship without sex, if you really want to keep your virginity (if you still are) then just don’t date. But also there are those people who start dating in campus and end up getting married in the future and are having a wonderful marriage.

Just find what works for you, be positive and enjoy. Build memories. All I can say is that don’t just be someone who wants to taste all waters because who might be digging your own grave. Nobody will care less as long as they get what they want. 

My conscience will not be at peace before I say that you should practice safe sex, we can no longer lie to ourselves that teenagers are having not sex the results are there e.g. early pregnancies. It is high time we stop preaching abstinence when it is falling on deaf ears. Talk to teenagers on practicing safe sex and use contraceptives. 

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