The New Face in Politics Mukhisa Kituyi, Herman Manyora.

Political Analyst Herman Manyora has termed Kituyi`s entry in the 2022 State house race is new face Kenyans need. He says that it has challenged Kenyans to move away from the tradition and destructive ways of identifying leaders.

Kituyi is a leader that that gives solution compared to his counterparts who have declared their interest in the top job who points out problems. He added that when Kituyi talks on matters of economic Musalia Mudavadi, who was crowned recently Luhya kingpin looks like a Primary School kid.

The political enthusiast advised Kituyi to drop his arrogance and attach himself with common Mwananchi at grassroot level. Since he is considered to have spent most of his time outside the country. Do you think Kituyi being the new face is the right man to take over from President Uhuru come 2022?

By: Mike Mugutsu

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