The electioneering period is here with us once again, political dramas, alliances and narratives as well as counter-narratives are the order of the week. And many political experts in this country fear that violence in tandem with widespread corruption could undermine the democratic process come 2022.

The political and economic crisis in this country have become boisterous. It needs serious revamping, which cannot be trusted with the same individuals who have put it there in the first place.

However, one thing that every Kenyan would concur with, is that the current political elite has failed them, and they need new competent leaders who would get them out of the mess that the Jubilee government has invoked in the last decade.

This week, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetangula and Gideon Moi hinted at creating a new alliance with one of them likely to be fronted as a presidential candidate in the 2022 General Elections. If it materializes, it has the potential to be the strongest political alliance so far.

Raila Odinga and William Ruto are the face of a corrupt and extremely divided nation and Kenyans would honestly not be swayed again by their fake promises.

All the aforementioned individuals have political experience, have worked with the last three governments and they unanimously support the Building Bridges initiative (BBI) as well as the Handshake. This and their inferior criminal records makes them the better option in the lineup of mafia-like candidates.

Although it is still not clear who they would agree on to be their flag bearer, they are all equally crucial to the process. They also would need to concoct a clear and honest party manifesto that would appeal to all Kenyans and most importantly hold on to their side of their bargain. Kenyans are sick of vague and false manifestos and they should give them reasons to buy their manifestos if they need their votes.

First, they should augment the party’s political diversity by inviting members from marginalized regions such as North Eastern and Northern Kenya. This would further consolidate the unification agenda.

The most urgent agenda for Kenyans is the recovery of the economy and creation of more jobs for the millions of unemployed youth. If this alliance has a strategy in place to address those issues and prove that they can actualize it after winning the elections, they can garner more votes than Raila’s and Ruto’s combined..

Academics and Universities can play a more vital role in economic development and restructuring, especially during these difficult times when the ruling class have run out of ideas and are only familiar with the borrow, steal, raise the debt ceiling and borrow again economic suicide cycle.

Kalonzo’s team therefore needs to bring aboard academics with altruistic intentions to serve their fellow countrymen.

Once in government, they should try to revive the economy and try to seal off the deep tribal and class scissions that continue to threaten the unity and harmony of this country.

As a nation, we have always ignored the academics and their perceived role in contributing to the development of this country.

Hopefully, this proposed alliance can be the vital change in leadership that this country is craving for. But first they need to put their house in order before coming out to appeal for votes.

By: Fasyal Adan

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