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The Life of a Comrade During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Life amidst the Covid 19 pandemic is tough for comrades all over the country. While the pandemic has hit all facets of life,  a campus student’s life has been affected too. Na si siri.

First, kusota is the SI unit of survival for many. A comrade needs data bundles (kama his/her adopted online learning) and this to some can be hard. This is because before, a comrade enjoyed Wi-Fi at school to read, research and submit assignments. Now they depend on their parents or themselves for the same. Ni ngori.

On the same ngori ya kusota. Mamorio, especially those that live on tiger own, find it hard to budget for different needs. For example, ikikam ni kudishi, some campuses, especially public unis, food is cheap. Ugali seven bob! Huku nje,even kwa mathee chapos are way expensive, 15/20 bob. 10 bob if you are lucky.

While at school, a comrade could afford even three meals a day. For those who live outside school, it is becoming hard for them to survive.

Practical classes zimekuwa affected. Mamjamaa have to be extra creative and innovative to do their assignments. A student at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) for example, will be required to shoot a news bulletin.

He/she will require a camera, lights, green screen, mics na vitu ka izo. And now because they cannot access such, they have to do it via their phones. Na kushoot na simu ni stress. But on the bright side, the media is changing, and journalists who can produce content with devices such as phones, are favoured. Thus inanice to actually have industrial experience ukiwa kidato.

Izi idhaa, emails zinasomwa kama texts za crush. Comrades were used to messages being disseminated using notice boards/sms. It is hard to find macomrade wakisoma emails. But now that people are learning online, communications mostly through emails. Kidogo kidogo pale whatsapp pia.

News item moja ya Mount Kenya Uni supports the sentiments”. The students are now coping with the new normal and have acquired online research and communications skills after an extensive training and have embraced digital and blended learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The life of a comrade has been greatly affected during this pandemic. The unpredictability of it makes it even worse.

By: Brian Khavalaji.

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