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The five languages of love.

According to Dr. Chapman there are five primary love languages that people speak. These languages include words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts service and receiving gifts. Here is an overview of how people express their love. Although Chapman wrote the book on five languages of love in 1992 it continues to help couples around the world.

One of the most common relationship issue people face today is the struggle to express love in intentional and meaningful ways to someone else. Learning how your partner receives love will help you know the best way to demonstrate your love and care.

1. Words of affirmation.

These are verbal expressions of care and affection. E.g thank you for picking my coat for me. In simple terms the words of affirmation love language is about expressing affection through spoken words, praise or appreciation.

2. Quality Time.

Love and affection are expressed through this love language when someone gives someone else their undivided attention. People with this love language are looking for quality over quantity. This means switching off your phone, making eye contact and actively listening.

3. Physical Touch.

Physical expressions of love, whether sexual or more platonic, such as holding hands, hugs or kisses. The absence of such can leave these individuals feeling isolated in a relationship. Additionally, their idea of a perfect date might include cuddling on the couch with a glass of wine and a good movie. They simply want to be close to their partners physically.

4. Act of service.

When someone primary love language in acts of service they feel loved and appreciated when people do nice things for them. Whether it’s helping with the dishes or putting gas in the car, little acts of service go straight to the person’s heart. They love when people do little things for them and often can be found doing little things for other.

4. Receiving Gifts.

Tangible and intangible items that make you feel appreciated or noticed. People whose love languages is this receiving gifts, gift giving is symbolic of love and affection in their mind. They treasure not only the gift itself but also the time and effort the gift giver put into it.

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