Jennifer Wambua the NLC official who went missing on Friday has been found dead in Ngong Forest.

Police say the body of Jennifer Wambua was collected from Ngong area on Saturday.

Wambua, who was the commission’s deputy communications director, had not been seen since Friday, and a missing person report was filed at the Capitol Hill Police Station, Nairobi by her husband.

Joseph Komu, her husband, said he had searched for Wambua in hospitals and other locations within Nairobi.

A twist had emerged after it was found that Wambua had left her personal effects in the family vehicle’s boot. They included her mobile phone, packed lunch and handbag.

Komu said he had also reviewed CCTV footage of her movements into and out of the NLC offices that showed her get in on the day she went missing.

He had dropped her earlier on. The footage showed her leave the offices at around 10am alone.

Komu said he dropped the mother of three at the offices at about 7am and went to his place of work at the Ministry of Agriculture headquarters at Kilimo House.

“We speak to each other regularly, and on that day I called her at around 10am, but she did not answer,” he said.

Komu said he did not think there was any reason to panic, and figured his wife was busy at work or in meetings.

Later in the day, when he went to a garage to have his car fixed, he realised Jennifer had left her personal effects in the vehicle’s boot. They included her mobile phone, packed lunch and handbag.

“I thought she would find a friend’s phone and call asking me to deliver her phone, but she didn’t and she has not done so up to now,” Komu said.

Komu said he drove to NLC offices where he learned his wife had not been seen there for the better part of the day and the door of her office was locked.

He left for his house hoping to find her, in vain.

“Already, detectives have retrieved CCTV footage at her place of work and preliminary investigations show that she entered her Fourth floor office and later left carrying her handbag, an hour later,” Komu said.

Detectives were puzzled how her mobile phone was hours later found in her husband’s car that was parked near her office.

“It appears she was either kidnapped at the parking lot after she opened the car and put the handbag containing her mobile phone, or she willingly dropped her items at the car,” a distraught husband said. 

He said they both had the key to the car.

Jennifer had previously worked at Machakos as the Bureau Chief for Kenya News Agency (KNA).

Courtesy of The Star (By: Cyrus Ombati, Chief Crime Reporter  – The Star)

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