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Strong African Mothers.

 In Africa after the death of a husband, father and mostly the breadwinner the mothers are the ones who suffer the most. You see your mother being mistreated and even threatened after the passing of her husband. The people you knew as family turn and change colours. The family of the man takes everything from her and she is left to hustle for the children to survive. It is so unfortunate.

You mostly find that she is the one who is accused of murdering her husband claiming she wanted to eat the money and you wonder which money. Now you see that it’s is better to dissociate yourselves from their lives and you start a new life without the toxicity of the family which will affect your children in the long run. 

Money is not everything I always say there is point it comes that you just want peace in your life. A new fulfilment and a peaceful environment that can help you in your healing process so that you can let go and forgive those who wronged you. Remember that punishment is just here in the world. I would like to say that I truly appreciate those mothers who stood by their children and withstood all the embarrassment and shame to make sure their children never lacked.

As children also you should make sure you appreciate everything that is done for you and make sure you make your mothers proud. Go to school, be dignified and more so respect yourself so that you can respect others.

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