Stop playing FIFA and go Hustle, Mwalimu Dida challenges University Students.

For sometime comrades have been crying for help since hunger has been striking hard on them. Comrades have been starving. Presidential aspirant of 2013 and 2017, Mohammed Abduba Dida has come out and challenged the comrades in various campuses in the country to be innovative and hustle like fellow comrades in the United States.

The politician stated that university students in the states drive Uber, Work in stores, others as waiters just to make enough money to sustain them.

He said in Kenya campus boys smoke weed and play FIFA all the time, while the girls are the fans of Netflix and chill just watching movies and series, waiting for Juja`s bedsitter parties. He said that the comrades will continue suffering, while still waiting for the help from the government. Do you agree with Dida sentiments?

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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