Stivo Simpleboy’s Mother Exposee: Is Management Exploiting Simpleboy?

Rumor has had it for months that Stivo Simple Boy’s manager(s) have been stealing from the singer – which explains his stunt growth in terms of finances. I mean, with his first hit song, Vijana tuache mihadarati one would have thought the money he made would change his lifestyle – but unfortunately, he remains struggling to date.

Well, from what we understand is that the managers have been bagging 99% of the profits leaving him with 1%.  This was also confirmed by girlfriend Pritty who recently held a candid interview exposing Stivo simple’s management.

According to Pritty, her man – Stivo Simple is not in any position to make demands since his finances are handled for him. And being one without knowledge of how the entertainment industry works – his management ends up using him for their own benefit.

With the pandemic affecting the economy Stivo Simple boy’s mother-in-law (Pritty’s mum) has also come out to air her concern on how her son is getting robbed while everyone is watching.

Pritty’s mum went on to reveal that at some point she had to take in Stivo since he couldn’t even afford rent. She went on to add that this generous move almost cost her marriage with Pritty’s stepdad who allegedly wanted him thrown out since he wasn’t helping them out with the bills.

Having known him since he was a young boy (hence the title ‘mum’) Pritty’s mother made it known that the guy isn’t the type to create a story to earn people’s sympathy. To her, Stevo is a truthful man who had a tough background – and seeing people use him isn’t fair.

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