Sherlyn Onyango`s Father who is Bishop supports her twerking business.

Erotic Video dancer Sherlyn came to limelight during explicit show of Xtian Dela Club Covid twerking sessions.

Her an hour glass figure and the mountainous bum she got team Mafisi Sacco craving for her. She has made herself a fortune through the biz of twerking and other street business, she showed her bank account balance of 10 million.

Sherlyn Onyango is not blessed with the big bum but also brains; call her miss triple B i.e., Beauty, Brains and Big Bum.

She went to build for her parents a permanent house. Her Instagram account is filled with erotic content of videos of her twerking some netizens wondered if her parents knew what their daughter was doing.

To the surprise of many, she posted a video of her father who is a Bishop, who knows what her daughter does. The Bishop father is supportive father, he supports her daughter twerking business calling her daughter Sherlyn a brand.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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