Shaffie Weru, DJ Joe Mfalme Apologized after making insensitive remarks about a woman who was assaulted by a lover but still they are suspended for two weeks.

Celebrated Media Personality and Radio host of Homeboyz and DJ Joe Mfalme have offered a public apology following their insensitive remarks concerning a woman who was assaulted by her lover to the point of being pushed from the 12th floor of a storey building in the CDB.

Courtesy of Homboyz

The well-known media celebrities were bashed by netizens on social media and accused the duo for promoting the rape culture through their morning show.

The duo claimed that the lady who was assaulted called Eunice Wangari by her lover called for the assault.

The lady narrating the traumatizing ordeal told the court she was invited by her lover to Ambank House on the 12th floor in Nairobi CBD, she went and things ugly went she denied his lover sex. Shaffie and Dj Joe have apologized and admitted it was lame for them to victimize the lady who was assaulted by the man for denying him intimacy.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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