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In the recent years, Kenyans have lost more than 350 lives to terror attacks in public vehicles and thousands have sustained serious injuries.

Accounts of public service vehicle (PSV) Attacks;

  • The Mandera bus attack which leads to the death of 28 people.
  • A group of performing artist in Mandera County attacked and 12 people left dead.
  • An Administration police vehicle was burned in Lamu while escorting a PSV and one person was killed.

In regard to this, the Kenyan government and the security institutions ought to move with haste in developing an integrated system to effectively alleviate terror attacks and fears on our public transport. This security structures solely depends on intelligence sharing of information, technology and the society at whole.

Regardless of the origin of the threat, the road transport organization must take proactive measures to tackle this issue. However, security screening might be a key contest in the public road transport system.

If you daily commute to your place of work and your weekly schedule is whatever thing like mine, waking up to each day of the week, getting through your morning routine and then rush to catch your bus with literally no time to spare any encounter even the slightest delay along the way, whether it is parking or a prolonged red light, I begin to get frustrated, clearly any kind of delay threatens to upset my entire day. Basically, to stand in s security line every morning is something I would never wish for.

Nevertheless, looking at the recent international and local happenings, there is a great need for road transportation to be screening the passengers before boarding a PSV. We also need to deploy high Technology detectors.

The ability to spot, sanction and nullify a threat before they cause harm depends on Multi-layered and combined screening security systems. Kenyan government needs also to skilfully train the law enforcement security team, equip them with the trending security technology the right intelligence information.

In recent years, we have tested newly developed systems to screen the undercarriages of rail cars for anomalies, detect intrusions on transit rights of way and improve perimeter security at our rail yards.


Stand-off screening technology

According to Alex Wiggins in his article at the Intelligent Transport “standoff screening technology uses passive millimetre waves to analyse energy naturally emitted from the human body. The technology generates a video image of an anomaly concealed on the body that may not otherwise be visible to the naked eye. The image of the passenger is not presented to the screener in exact anatomical form. Instead, the screener’s video monitor presents an image highlighting the anomaly and where it is in relation to the passenger’s frame. Body images that are personal in nature are not generated or observed. Passive millimetre wave technology interprets energy generated by the patron as they enter the screening area. It is the opposite of X-rays, where radiation is transmitted toward an image.”

According to Alex scanning passengers as they approach from a distance allows the security professional to accurately and quickly determine whether a person is concealing a potentially harmful object consistent with dense metallic and non-metallic items like firearms and explosives.

Alex Wiggins continues to narrate that the screening parameter needs to accurately differentiate between cell phones, firearms and any metallic or non-metallic that can cause harm.

Information sharing and development

Road transport agencies in Kenya have strived to share in top practices related to technology and strategies to keep the passengers safe though, we face a major challenge in maintaining an elevated security status due to the open nature of our public road transport. Technology progress will help us attain better and better screening gadgets yearly.

Communications systems and Video surveillance   continue to improve the state-of-the-art approaches to passenger screening and physical security

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