Sadio Mane Transforms Poor Bambaly Village Into Town

Sadio Mane has invested the money he has made from playing football into transforming his small Bambaly Senegal village into a full-legged town. He has dedicated money towards the building of a hospital, stadium. School and other amenities.

Sadio Mane has also tried to alleviate the poverty situation in his poor village by giving out monthly stipend to poor families. According to Africa Facts Zone, Sadio Mane has invested over 1 Million Euros into the transformation of his village. He built a 455,000 Euro Hospital and a 250,000 Euro School in his village, Bambaly.

He gives each family 70 Euros monthly. He provided 4G internet for them. He is building a fuel station and post office. 2,000 people live in this village.

Mane who used to play on poor pitch has taken the initiative to start building an ultra-modern stadium in his village.

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