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RUTO: UHURU and RAILA must understand that anyone can be the president in Kenya.

Deputy President William Ruto has criticized proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative, saying they are very arrogant.

Speaking in Malava yesterday, Ruto said Kenyans have a right to be given time to read and understand the BBI document before making their decisions, urging Raila Odinga and his allies to stop bulldozing the document on Kenyans.

He insisted that the process of amending the Constitution should involve all Kenyans and not just a few.

He said issues affecting the majority of Kenyans should be the priority of BBI, noting that the creation of positions for some few leaders was now dominating the debate about BBI.

“The economics of this country is about top to bottom.”

“But what we are saying is that it should now be from bottom to the top so as to benefit the majority of Kenyans including those using wheelbarrows,” said Ruto.

At the same time, Ruto urged leaders to stop dividing Kenyans into political and tribal backgrounds.

He said leaders should instead address issues affecting Kenyans irrespective of their political and ethnic affiliations.

Ruto said the political competition was about issues affecting Kenyans and not about ‘this tribe versus that tribe or this political party versus that political party.

“Some people want to compete with me yet they don’t understand problems facing Kenyans.”

“Some have even never set foot in a place like this (Malava) yet they keep on criticizing my meet-the-people tours to look for ways of addressing problems affecting them,” said the Deputy President.

The MPs accompanying Ruto asked residents of the Luhya community to reject the BBI report if it doesn’t address the problems facing them, especially in the agricultural sector.

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