Rufftone Claims Daddy Owen Hired Goons To Harm Him After We Differed Over Politics

Rapper Roy Smith Mwatia, popularly known as Rufftone, has claimed that he has been a victim of what he calls political hooliganism.

Speaking during a TV interview, the celebrated rapper revealed that his brother Daddy Owen, a staunch supporter of ODM had previously tried to harm him following a disagreement over political ideology.

Rufftone said that, at the time, he was supporting former President Mwai Kibaki’s PNU and Owen was supporting Raila Odinga’s ODM.

 “In 2007, I remember my blood brother Daddy Owen was for ODM and I was for PNU. When we disagreed in the morning, Daddy Owen had to run out to the streets with friends armed with machetes wanting to harm me,” he narrated.

Rufftone who is vying for the Nairobi senatorial seat under the UDA party ticket claimed that it is the alleged hooliganism in ODM that has forced him not to subscribe to the party.

According to him, politics is about ideologies and if people differ about it, the situation should not be manifested to a physical altercation.

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