Rose Akombe hints that President Uhuru wants to extend his term through BBI.

Former IEBC commissioner Dr. Roselyn Akombe has claimed that President Uhuru is using the Building Bridges Initiative Constitution amendment Bill to prolong his stay in power beyond 2022.

While the ones who are pushing for the constitution to be amended through BBI have shown good will, the former IEBC commissioner suspect ill motive aimed at benefiting some leaders.

She said that the additional posts are just sweeteners, the real deal is “Third Termism”. She added that if you change the constitution then it is a fresh start, ten years wiped off and you start on clean sheet.

Roselyn sentiments were also shared by NARC Kenya leader Martha Karua, who also claimed that President Uhuru plans on running the country after 2022 through BBI by increasing his powers.

However, President has repeatedly said he has no plans extending his term or staying in power after the General Election come August 2022.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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