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LIFESTYLE: Reasons why women cheat.

To those reading this article and are wondering why I only picked on women I would like to say that just recently I wrote the same concerning men “Reasons why men cheat” You can check it out. But now it is time to look at female infidelity.

There is a common misperception that only men cheat and women are always faithful. To that I ask: Who are these men cheating with exactly? Does it mean that men only cheat with single women?

Here are the reasons;

1. They are lonely.

Women can experience loneliness in relationship for any number of reasons. May be there spouse works long hours or their spouse is emotionally unavailable. Whatever the cause they feel lonely, so they may seek it elsewhere.

2. They crave intimacy.

Women tend to feel valued and connected to a significant other more through non sexual, emotional interplay( having fun together, being thoughtful, building a home and social life together etc)than sexual activity. When they are not feeling that they may seek it somewhere else.

3. They are not having enough satisfying sex at home.

There is a social misconception that only men enjoy sex. But plenty of women also enjoy sex and they are not getting it at home, or it is not enjoyable to them for whatever reason they may seek it elsewhere.

4. They are craving excitement.

You have likely heard of the term serial cheater people who cheat for the thrill. Women can also be thrill seekers too. They may love their spouse but yearn for those interactions that make a new relationship so existing.

5. They are expressing anger and retribution.

Some women enter into a relationship with an idealized image of how their spouse should behave as a parent, a partner, a professional or some other role. When their partner falls short of expectations, it can create a divide in the relationship that provide impetus to stray.

6. They feel emotionally starved.

Studies suggestions that men who cheat are primarily motivated by sex, women who cheat tend to do so to fill an emotional need. And in case of an emotional affair, sex is not part of the equation at all.

7. They are overwhelmed by the needs of others.

Recent research about women who cheat indicates that many women despite stating that they deeply love their spouse, their home, their work and their lives, Cheat any way. These women often describe feeling so under supported and overwhelmed by having to be all things to all people at all times that they seek extramarital sex as a form of life fulfillment.

8. They are responding or re enacting early life trauma and abuse.

Sometimes women who experience profound early life trauma especially sexual trauma will re enact that trauma as a way of trying to master or control it.

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