Rayvanny exposes Harmonize for sleeping with Actress Kajala and her daughter Paula.

The beef between Tanzanian musicians Rayvanny and Harmonize has accelerated, this is after Rayvanny leaked intimate chats and nudes between Harmonize and his ex-girlfriends’ daughter Paula.

From the chats released by Rayvanny, we see that Harmonize is trying to seduce Paula and also sending the young girl nudes. This comes after some couple of months back when Rayvanny, was also grilled by authorities for being involved with the minor when he shared intimate video of him and Paula on Valentine day.

They decided to solve the case outside the court and after Rayvanny offered a public apology to Actress Kajala. Rayvanny blamed Harmonize for fueling the case and wanted to see him jailed. Through the long post Vanny boy shared on social media, he states it is shameful for Harmonize to be with the mother and also at the same time with the daughter. Currently Harmonize have broken up with his girlfriend Kajala after dating for a couple of months.

By; Mikey Mugutsu

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