Raila will water down Rutos’ Presidential bid, Millicent Omanga claims

As talks of Raila -Ruto alliance seems to be gaining momentum, Ruto allies and proponents of Hustler nation have been opposing the alliance stating that Raila will bring more harm than good to Ruto in his quest to be the president.

The latest critic of the Alliance being nominated senator Millicent Omanga, who is a firm supporter of Hustler nation. The nominated lawmaker states that if Ruto- Raila team up would be the worst scenario ever wished for by the Ruto Hustler nation supporters.

Omanga warned deputy president that if he unites with Raila, he would lose most of supporters who will walk out on him in large numbers. Lawmakers allied to Ruto protesting against the alliance, saying that former prime minister would not be welcomed in the Hustler Nation camp.

They have however, stated that if Raila agrees to support Ruto in his quest for Presidency, then they will welcome him. On the other side Raila allies have also dismissed of any possible talks that could lead to formation of a political alliance. ODM chair Hon. Mbadi denied any talks of possible alliance and stated that the main agenda is Building Bridges Initiative.

However, the two leaders have maintained their silence regarding the alliance.

By: Mikey Mungutsu

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