Raila warns against formation of regional parties.

ODM party is on a tour to Coastal region, the region has been his stronghold for the past years. The former premier is on a tour to popularize BBI and rally the coast residents to offer support as we are likely to head to refenderum.

Raila is also on the tour to neutralize the rising revolts in the region and encroachment of Hustler nation in the region.

Governor of Kilifi, Amason Kingi and other leaders from the coast region are advocating to form a coastal region party. The former minister, while speaking in Voi has warned formation of such parties.

The leader said that , Kenya is multi party democracy and we want national political parties that will unite the country.

Regional political parties will only serve to divide the country, Raila added that it was important for regional leaders to tackle problems affecting the common Kenyan in their region as a block.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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