President Uhuru stop fuel price rise.

Fuel price were supposed to rise again but last intervention by National Treasury saved the day after the public had complained of the move by EPRA to increase the prices again. A letter from the Treasury to the Energy and Petroleum Regulation Authority director Daniel indicated that the government will compensate the oil marketers.

EPRA was authorized to publish increased fuel prices for the period between April 15 to May 14. EPRA has announced the prices will continue to be same however, they haven’t said the reason for the move to retain the prices which contrary to what it had earlier indicated.

A litre of Petrol will continue being sold at sh 122.81 in Nairobi, diesel sh 107.66 and litre of Kerosene to retail at Sh 97. 85 for the next one month up to 14 May.

Economists had earlier warned of hard times if the government could even add a dine on the prices of fuel that had already skyrocketed.

By; Mikey Mugutsu

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