President Uhuru Kenyatta Covid 19 restrictions.

The President has noted the rise in coronavirus cases in the country are due to the large political campaigns and gatherings. The head of state has banned all the gatherings for the next 30 days. He added that lifting or extension of the ban will dependent on whether or not the country shall have broken the transmission chain.

At the same time the president ordered bereaved families to bury their deceased relatives within 72 hours after the confirmation of their death. The burial ceremony shall not involve more than 100 people drawn from the immediate family of the deceased.

The president also extended the night curfew for the next 60 days. Only essential service providers, factories and construction sites workers will continue to operate night shifts during the next 60 days. All bars, restaurant and other joints operating at night will be required to close by 9pm.The President said the inter government coordination will asses enforcement and weekly compliance levels.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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