Political filth in ODM as a party

The Englishmen say that a fool and his money are soon parted. ODM party has a history of taking Kenyans for a ride, this, we have the facts to back it up.

The Orange Democratic Party (ODM) has always taken Kenyans for fools. This week ODM announced that Party members who show interest in running for the top political seat in the country on an ODM party ticket, would have to part with a non-refundable one million Kenyan Shillings. What about Raila? you will ask.

Raila Odinga, who is the founder and leader of the party, has not yet announced if he would be on the ballot to challenge the ‘hustler nation’ led by Jubilee ‘defect’ – William Ruto.

However, Raila is “a perpetual loser” who contested in five general elections and lost not one, not two but all. But he has each time managed to convince everyone that he is ‘Baba’ and that the elections were ‘rigged’ before regrouping his diehard supporters for revenge in the next one.

Before you even dream of beating Raila Odinga in the ODM party nominations, think of how many prominent political figures in the same party were sacrificed for his sake, how many continue to remain in his shadow as well as how many Kenyans lost their lives and properties because of him.

Raila definitely sees the 2022 elections as his best shot at the presidential seat since 1997. He believes that his newly-found alliance with the so-called ‘system’ would get him a win. It is not however guaranteed like with all his former alliances.

If he and ODM think that he would be welcomed in Central Kenya they are making a big mistake and should brace for defeat and betrayal once again.

Raila Odinga is a mysterious man, a man with many alliances, names and achievements whose next move is hard to predict. He wields massive power that can influence any policy change in this country without necessarily holding any political office.

He however has a weakness that every Kenyan knows about, he is power-hungry. This hunger for power and entitlement makes many people see it as his only motivation and not the desire to serve the people of Kenya when it comes to the ballot.

ODM cannot exist without Raila Odinga, and no party member can dare cross paths with him without the risk of damaging his/her political career. This ‘dictatorial’ way of running ODM would be its downfall in the coming years.

By: Faysal

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