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Period hack that every girl must know.

Menstruation is a sign of a healthy female body but when it knocks on your door we feel anything but healthy. It gifts every woman with at least mood swings, bad breakouts or painful cramps.

Here are a few hacks;

1. Have a period tracker.

Download a period tracker on your mobile phone so that you do not forget your dates. It will also remind you if you are late or early. Most of them are free.

2. Drink cups of pineapple juice with lemon juice mixed in.

It helps ease cramps and slows down heavy flow.

3. Cut on your caffeine intake.

During your periods you should try limit coffee and tea intake as they tend to increase menstrual pain.

4. Avoid salt as much 2-3 days before your periods.

This helps avoid bloating.

5. Have period under wears.

You should have under wears that are comfortable and give a good coverage to avoid leaks which tend to be embarrassing.

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6. Eat or drink ginger.

 A cup or two of ginger infused tea can reduce menstrual pain and bloating.

7. Keep a portable heating pad ready.

If you have to work during your periods keep a portable heating pad in your handbag. Pull it out in case your cramps are unbearable.

8. Eat dark chocolate and fruits.

Dark chocolate boosts your serotonin levels which ease menstrual pain. Fruits contain vitamins which are essential because during periods we lose iron.

9. Drink water to thin the blood.

10. Shave before you start your periods.

11. Always have deodorant and wipes.

12. Sleep on towel at night.

13. Shower in the morning and evening.

14. Always carry extra tampons or pads.

15. Change your pads or tampon after every 4 – 6 hours.

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