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Otile Brown opens on how it is hard to make it in a Kenyan industry.

Kenyan Singer Otile Brown has opened on the struggles and how it is hard for upcoming artist to make it in the music industry.

Otile said Kenyans have high expectations of the local artist, they want high quality videos, classy models or exclusive shooting areas as they just see with the likes of Bongo and Nigerian.

What many don’t understand is that these African artists have godfathers who help and support their music. Contary to our local artist who have no financial support or godfathers to push them, go out of their way to release songs and videos they can afford.

Many artist congratulated Otile for speaking on their behalf. This is a call to netizens to support the local talents so they reach the heights we want them to reach.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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