Oparanya wants to join Hustler Nation, MP Kimani Ngunjiri claims.

Bahati lawmaker Kimani Ngunjiri a strong supporter of Hustler Nation has revealed that governor of Kakamega Wycliffe Oparanya has met deputy president William Ruto four times.

This comes after meeting of Ruto and Oparanya in Narok raised eyebrows. Lawmaker Kimani Ngunjiri has dismissed the claims that the meeting between Oparanya and Ruto last Wednesday was about the possibility of formation of a political alliance between Raila and Ruto.

He further stated that Oparanya is just looking out for his own interests and was not representing opposition chief Raila Odinga as it has been speculated.

The TangaTanga allied lawmaker insisted that Ruto cannot work with Raila since the former prime minister has proven not to be good with political marriages. He further stated that Hustler nation was ready to welcome politicians and people with the same political ideologies as political realignment takes place ahead of the upcoming general election.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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