Online Hoes have Daddy issues, outspoken Tweep Maverick Aoko says.

Queen of Twitter Maverick Aoko who is not afraid of speaking her mind, has advised Kenyans to not have kids if they are not ready to teach them self-dignity. She said nothing screams of an absent or failed dad than a daughter who posts naked photos on social media for strangers’ validation.

She said that girls raised by present masculine dads, don’t post naked of themselves. This comes after most Kenyan ladies have been posting nudes online for fame. Recently one of the most celebrated media personality Kamene Goro was slammed by a fan, for wearing a short that was much revealing.

Also, more women have taken on social media to post nudes or too much revealing pictures and some have found fame for posting such photos in the name of being socialites.

The likes of Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe among others who have inspired other girls like Shakila, Manzi Wa Kibera who have taken it to the  next level by exposing everything and leaving most of the netizen in shock.

Married Men are elements of destruction waiting to ruin your life, Muthoni Mukiri says.

Former Inooro news anchor Muthoni Wa Mukiri has advised single ladies to stop dating married men since they are only scavengers of destruction with the aim to ruin their lives.

Muthoni said women dating married men are desperate or are just after the material possessions of the man.

She added that dating a married man is being naïve and stupid, since they can’t leave their spouse for you that’s why it is her biggest turn off. Muthoni thinks that single women who are dating married men are lowering their standards and values, since at the end of the day they will cheat on them.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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