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Oguna: Second Huduma registration to start in May

The second phase of the Huduma Namba registration will start in early May, Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna has said.

Oguna on Wednesday said going forward, the process will be continued just like the Identity Card process.

While speaking to Journalists in Nairobi, Oguna said in the first phase some 37 million people were registered of whom 20 million were adults and 17 million below the age of 18 years.

“This is why we are saying if you missed on the first phase please don’t worry because we are launching the second phase at the end of April this year,” he said.

Oguna said out of the 2.2 million texts send to those who registered to pick their Huduma Namba cards, only 300,000 people have responded.

“We are kindly appealing to those who have received the messages to please respond and pick their cards so that we can clear the backlog,” he said.

Oguna said the cards are however being issued to only those who have attained 18 years and above.

Those below the age will only be issued with the Namba.

“Going forward, a child will be issued with a Huduma Namba at birth but when they attain the age of 18 years, they will then collect their Huduma Namba cards,” he said.

Oguna said the state was aware that some fraudsters were taking advantage of the process and asking unsuspecting Kenyans to pay some Sh100 to collect the cards.

“The process of collecting these cards is free and nobody should be asked to pay any money. The messages for collection of the cards are not sent from a normal telephone number but a unique one,” he said.

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