ODM Sends Stern Warning to Wanjigi after Raila-Chaired Meeting

In the meeting held in Nairobi to address issues affecting the party, the officials noted that no member has permission to open any party offices anywhere, including in their own village. 

In the statement issued, the leaders noted that any member who needs to open an office must consult with the top party officials to make necessary plans.

The directive is a big blow to Wanjigi who had begun his own parallel plans in preparation for his presidential bid, including opening party offices without the endorsement of the party officials. 

The ODM members who want to form offices have been further warned that whenever they decide to open a party office without consulting the national office, such an office shall not be recognized. 

“We wish to remind all members that whenever there is need to open any party office, the same must be done in consultation with the national office, failure to which such offices will not be recognized,” the statement read.

The party has stated that this is a crucial matter, and anyone going against the directive will face disciplinary action. 

“Such brazen violation of the party’s directive will attract disciplinary action to those involved,” the statement signed by ODM Secretary-General, Edwin Sifuna read. 

Notably, in the meeting chaired by ODM leader Raila Odinga, the leaders extended the period for free membership registration, which was expected to end on Thursday, September 30.

The free registration for members has been extended for another three months, until December 31.

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