No Deadline for ODM presidential ticket, Mbadi says

Orange Democratic Party Chairman Hon. Mbadi has announced that the party has no deadline for submission for those wishing to apply for the party`s presidential ticket come next year during the general election.

National Election Board of ODM had earlier set a deadline for submission of applications and Governor H. Joho and Oparanya are the only ones who had met the deadline. However, John Mbadi says that the deadline set by NEB has no force of law to bar one from applying to be party’s flag bearer in the presidential race.

He added that the constitution of ODM has not set any deadline for submission of applications for presidential candidate.

Mbadi said the only time a candidate can be barred from submitting application is after the a nomination date has been set but the party`s NEC  has powers to admit a candidate. Lawmaker further dismissed any talks of Ruto Raila alliance stating that they only focused on BBI.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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