Negligence Blamed For Homa Bay Boat Tragedy

The Homa Bay boat tragedy that occurred in Lake Victoria is linked to negligence, Homa Bay county commissioner Moses Lilan has said.

Lilan said their investigations had revealed the accident resulted from carelessness by the boat operators who overloaded it before the journey began.

He said the boat carried heavy bags of cement, iron sheets, timber, firewood, and 18 passengers.

“Investigation results we have at hand say there was a lot of safety violation. And we want this to end from today henceforth so that more people are not put at risk,” Lilan said.

Speaking on Tuesday during a prayer service for the bodies of 10 people who perished in the tragedy at Jua Kali grounds in Homa town, Lilan said they would implement a raft of safety measures in the lake transport.

The administrator said he was coordinating with the Kenya Coast Guard Service and the Kenya Maritime Authority to ensure compliance with safety measures.

Governor Cyprian Awiti, his deputy Hamilton Orata and the county secretary Isaiah Ogwe were present.

Governor Awiti said there is a need to implement maritime safety rules to prevent deaths in the lake.

“We do not want to lose any more lives in this lake. Let the rules stipulated by Lilan be implemented strictly,” Awiti said.

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