Nairobi MCAs now wants NMS Boss General Badi to explain expenditure of Ksh 29 billion budget.

Nairobi MCAs led by Minority leader Michael Ogada, have accused General Badi of laxity. According to the minority leader Ogada said that they gave Ksh 29 billion to NMS but there is no development realized at the ward levels with only two months remaining to the end of the financial year.

The MCA said that the NMS has only focused on CBD   and just few slums and the rest of Nairobi is segregated.  Ogada revealed that Nairobi Metropolitan Service has refused to bring reports showing how they have used the money they were allocated to by the county assembly of Nairobi, stating that they are not accountable to it but to the Office of the president.

The minority wants the General Badi to come forward and account on how the funds have been used to the county assembly if not, they should take money from office of the president where they are accountable to.

The issue of oversight has remained to unsolved misery with Senate and National Assembly colliding on who should oversight the body to ensure that the money given to it is used appropriately. Considering the fact that NMS gets the lion share of the funds allocated to Nairobi county.

By: mikey Mugutsu

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