My fathers’ Mpango Wa Kando bewitched me, Solomon Mkubwa.

Kenya based Congolese gospel musician has revealed that he lost his left arm after his fathers mpango wa kando bewitched him.

The Gospel musician said that he was 12 years when he lost his hand. He said that his dad had a mpango wa Kando who he impregnated but he denied being responsible for the pregnancy that angered the woman leading her to bewitching Solomon.

The musician said his parents didn’t take the matter serious till one day he conversed as they took him to a witch doctor but didn’t help.

By the time they were taking him to the hospital his hand was already swollen and rotten. They had no alternative but to cut his arm and that’s the point they started praying.

Solomon said the side chick of their dad brought more misery to their family, when she gave birth to her kids and their dad didn’t acknowledge them. However, through prayer they defeated the devil.

By; Mikey Mugutsu

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