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My biological father ripped me off my Virginity: Damaris Kambua

Gender-Based Violence cases have been on the rise in Kenya. Most victims and survivors of Gender-Based Violence were abused by someone they knew, most commonly by close family members such as fathers or brothers. They report that they endure the violence because they have nowhere to escape.

Damaris Kambua is a GBV victim who has been sexually molested by her biological father. She remembered her father inflicted ‘worst of the worst abuse on severally when she was 17 years of age.

She was forced to stay in her home when she was facing sexual violence because she had nowhere to go. She shares her story with Kioo Studios Kenya and breaks the silence on how her father ripped off her pride.

 “My father mentally, sexually and emotionally as far back as I can remember until l finally escaped from home”, says Damaris. “He raped me and threatened to kill me if l reported to anyone. I tried seeking help from my mother several times but my father used to beat her too. I knew what was happening to me was wrong but l didn’t know how to stop it or who to talk to until recently”, adds Damaris. 

Now at 20, Damaris is seeking psychological and financial aid to regain her life and finish her studies. 

To break the silence surrounding Gender-Based Violence against women, girls or children, it is essential that we not only encourage children to speak up but also ensure that parents or adults are listening when children tell of their experiences.

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