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Murathe stop lying to Raila, Ndidi Nyoro says.

Ndidi Nyoro a Tangatanga allied MP, has asked Jubilee vice chairman, to stop deceiving Raila that Kikuyu will support him come 2022.He insisted that Kikuyu cannot and will never vote for Raila.

Murathe had earlier said that, central Kenya residents will consider the ODM party leader presidential bid. Ndidi questioned why Murathe hasn’t accompanied Raila to the region to sell his political agenda.

This comes days, after Moses Kuria told the President that central people will not support former prime minister come 2022, they had made up their mind to support Ruto.

Ndidi Nyoro, also added that the hustler nation , had no time to discuss BBI  but had bigger agendas for the country and focused on developing and empowering the hustlers , echoing his leader DP remarks.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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