Mt Kenya leaders desperate to sell BBI to the subjects, calls for unity talks

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s allies from Mt Kenya are strategising how to seal the widening cracks in the region and reverse apparent dwindling support for BBI.

The President’s confidants want all elected leaders in the region to meet and address fears that BBI isn’t popular with mwananchi and could fail spectacularly without urgent intervention.

It is the first time Uhuru’s foot soldiers admitted there’s a political problem in the President’s backyard that must be fixed to foster BBI.

There are reports of a major split among the handshake proponents over who should spearhead BBI campaigns in the region.

Governors, said to have been tasked by the President to lead the popularisation campaign, are locked in supremacy battles with some MPs.

The 2022 political interests running at cross purposes with the BBI spirit risk ruining the constitutional amendment support in Mt Kenya.

On Thursday, nominated MP Maina Kamanda told the Star elected leaders from Mt Kenya are working on a strategy to build bridges and unify the region ahead of the BBI referendum.

“The Mt Kenya region is united behind President Uhuru Kenyatta and will follow the direction he will show us, we want to call a meeting soon of all elected leaders to declare a common stand,” Kamanda said.

The nominated MP said some leaders already have been tasked to spearhead talks among politicians pulling in opposing directions to ramp up BBI support.

“Efforts are underway and soon we will bring our leaders together so we do not antagonise one another in the BBI process,” he said.

Igembe North MP Maoka Maore said Mt Kenya leaders will soon address some concerns to “build synergy.

“For sure Mt Kenya supports the BBI process but some politicians’ 2022 aspirations are running at cross-purposes with the BBI spirit and that shall be addressed soon,” he said.

The Presidents’ backyard has recently witnessed heightened opposition to the BBI process. Deputy President William Ruto’s  allies claim BBI is unpopular in the region.

A recent explosive letter by Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata threw a spanner in the works after he claimed BBI will suffer “spectacular” defeat in Mt Kenya.

The claims electrified the Tangatanga brigade that has sustained an assault on the BBI process, arguing it is a Uhuru-Raila Odinga project and not a national programme to unite the country.

Kiambaa MP Paul Koinange, a key BBI proponent, told the Star leaders from across region who support BBI will soon hold talks to consolidate support.

“Our interest is to gather all and scatter none, we will launch a programme for leaders to talk to each other especially those supporting BBI so  we remain focused,” he said.

He admitted there has been uncoordinated approach in the BBI campaigns because some politicians have been antagonising others for political reasons.

“Mt Kenya people support BBI but we need to deal with BBI supporters fighting each other for political reasons,” he said.

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