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Mluhya ni nani?

Mluhya ni mkenya, very honorable people of this sovereign republic, most of them are dark in color, strong and well-built for both “light and heavy” duties.

In fact if any man is looking for a wife, take the direction to Luhya land especially Kach (Kakamega). They tend to make the best wives around BUT my friend they are very strong, never challenge them into a dwell when not prepared for such kind of activities. “She will slap your forehead hard”!!!

Luhya are people with good morals and respect to keep relationships especially where in-laws are involved.

Uzuri wao huwezi wakalia chapo because by the time you imagine kuwakalia chapo, itapata washakula hiyo chapo.

Apparently they are so much subdivided to an extend of not understanding themselves talk in terms of dialect, this occasions division in that beautiful area of Kenya during political pick seasons.

Some sub groups will tend to call others ‘FAKE”, mara, nyinyi sio wa hapa, mama alikuja na nyinyi  etc.

That being not important, most Luhya top most leadership wanafaa kuwa na msimamo. This leadership is composed of intellectual people who draw respect from all corners of the Nation. So many people look up to them in terms of political steering but they have failed.

May be they are not obeying to the fact that they are being followed by fans outside their community too.

Some of these leaders will change the course of a very pertinent issue in the presence of “a thermos full of tea and four pieces of mandazi”

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These are the people who dance vigorously at the bull fighting sessions and unregistered cock fight games during the day with the local people hungry only to cross to the other side of political block to eat alone at night.

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